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The internet is, to put it mildly, a vast place. There are hundreds of millions of active websites online, and more are going live every day. In the internet's infancy, users found websites by browsing through manually sorted directories of URLs, like phonebooks for websites. But that soon became impractical as the number of websites increased. Thus, the search engine was born, and the starting gun was fired on the race for top rankings.

Any website that wants to be visible in search engine results needs to invest in SEO. Platforms like Wix make it easy to build a beautiful and functional website. But without SEO, no one will ever see it. So, is Wix good for SEO? We think it is.

Automatic optimisation

One of the key benefits of Wix from an SEO perspective is the level of automatic optimisation built-in to the platform. Users don't have to take any action to benefit from these features; every site built using the platform is automatically formatted and optimised for search engines.


Search engine-friendly infrastructure enhances website performance, which helps boost SEO. An XML sitemap is generated automatically for every website, ensuring search engines always have an up-to-date overview of the website's layout and the relationship between every page. It also automatically adds structured data to dynamic pages, such as forum posts, product pages, event pages, etc. Users can write their own scheme markups for other pages.

Google Search Console integration

Google Search Console is an essential tool for any SEO professional or independent website administrator. By integrating the search console into their platform, Wix enables users to begin tracking their website's performance immediately.

No coding required

Many people assume that SEO is a very technical task that is beyond the grasp of ordinary people. They view it as something reserved for professional web developers with advanced technical knowledge. In fact, Google and other search engine providers have worked hard to make SEO a more accessible subject and enable anyone with a website to manage the basics of their SEO. Platforms like Wix make things easier still by automating some of the processes and providing easy-to-use interfaces to manage others.

Anyone can build and publish a website using Wix, and anyone can use Wix to manage their website's SEO. Thanks to the intuitive interface, no coding knowledge is necessary to produce a professional-looking website. The same is true for managing SEO on Wix. Even if you have zero experience with SEO before publishing your first website on Wix, you can still easily find everything you need to manage your SEO and rank in search results.

Access the Wix CMS from anywhere

As long as you have your Wix login credentials and access to the internet, you can always access the Wix CMS and manage your website as if you were in front of your computer. This includes monitoring its performance and managing its SEO.

The CMS is also incredibly easy to use, making it a breeze to update your website on the go. There's even a Wix mobile app that provides a mobile interface for the Wix CMS. Regularly updating your website with good content and maintaining steady levels of traffic are important components of any SEO strategy. The ability to update your website from your phone means you are always connected.

SEO Wizard

One of Wix's key SEO features, and one they are very proud of as a company, is the SEO wizard. This tool will highlight any basic SEO measures you have overlooked and tell you how to correct them. This tool is invaluable for users who don't have much experience with websites or SEO and are still learning the ropes. The Wizard integrates with the Google Search Console, and it also offers almost instantaneous indexing with Google to ensure your site's record is up to date.

Mobile-friendly websites

Most Wix users will design and manage their websites from a desktop or laptop, meaning they only see how their website displays on these devices. But mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic several years ago. Google has taken into account how well-optimised websites are for mobile devices when assigning an SEO score for some time. However, now that mobile browsing is the norm for most users, Google prioritises the mobile versions of websites when calculating their SEO score. This makes mobile optimisation a crucial component of SEO.

Fortunately, Wix websites are fully responsive and dynamic. This means that they both look and feel as they should when accessed from a mobile device. The Wix CMS enables users to preview the mobile version of their website on a desktop and make any adjustments they wish. In most cases, Wix does an excellent job of formatting websites for mobile, and most users will only need to make minor adjustments, if any.


Are there any drawbacks?

Overall, Wix offers its users everything they need to make managing their SEO simple and straightforward. Of course, no platform is perfect. In Wix's case, the trade-offs come from the need to make the platform accessible and enable users to manage websites without requiring any coding or technical knowledge.

Like WordPress and other similar CMS, Wix suffers from code bloat. This is an inevitable problem for websites built using platforms like Wix, and it is not an issue unique to them. Essentially, every page on a Wix website contains a certain amount of redundant code by default. Keeping this code in place improves stability and reliability for Wix's users, but it hampers the speed pages load at.

So far, none of Wix's competitors has managed to completely solve this problem either, so it's not like Wix stands out here. The relatively slow load speeds aren't noticeable to a human, but Google's algorithms will take notice.


Overall, Wix's SEO management is very solid. Even users who are building their first ever website should find it simple and straightforward to manage SEO through the Wix CMS. Wix does many things automatically and will alert users to any basic issues. If you're looking for an easy-to-use CMS that enables you to manage your SEO easily, Wix is a great choice.

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