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You may not think it but 'trust' is a big part of SEO. If someone does not trust you, they are not going to contact you and if they don't contact you, you have lost the opportunity to solve their problem.

As a business owner, you are a problem solver. You sell or provide something that solves a specific problem.

SEO is understanding all the individual problems that your business can solve and putting an SEO strategy plan together to ensure that your potential customers can find and contact 'you' first rather than your competitors.

Just like you, I am a problem solver but in order for you to give me the chance to solve your problem, you first need to trust me. I could write pages of content to tell you how great I am but I prefer to let others do that for me.

Sam Hurley

"I've known Mark for a few years now and in that time he has been nothing but supportive, respectable and professional. I not only consider him a solid business allie, but also a trusted friend. A leader in the field of SEO with heaps of valuable experience, Mark really knows his stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking to improve their organic visibility. Not only is he technically-minded and an SEO whizz, he also has a knack for Content Marketing and top-level business strategy...a rare set of collective skills which all aid the bottom line. There is a lot of choice out there when looking for SEO experts...but the truth is — real experts are hard to come by. Get to know Mark today!"

Sam Hurley

Global No.1 Digital Influencer and Director


Melissa Morreale Winebrenner

"I learned a lot from Mark's talk at WixCon NOLA. He did an excellent job of explaining the factors that effect SEO in a way that makes sense to me not only as we website designer but also as a marketing expert."

Melissa Morreale Winebrenner

Melissa Morreale Winebrenner

Winebrenner Designs LLC

Adam Calvert

"We started working with Mark a couple of years ago, with clear objectives to improve our online exposure in a particular location. This was achieved quite quickly and had an instant impact on generating more leads. However, what has been even more pleasing is the longer term impact Mark’s work and advice has had. We now have a constant, strong online presence in both of our key locations, and over the last few years this has led to regular new leads. The key message that I have taken from Mark is that you can either look for quick fixes for SEO improvements, or take a more long term, sustained approach. Given that our business has been in existence for over 130 years, we have found Mark’s approach using the latter method to be synonymous with our company ethos. Mark is always looking to advise and teach us, leaving us a plan of how we can continue the progress we have started. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a long term SEO improvement for their company to work with Mark."

Adam Calvert


Rushtons Chartered Accountants

Ashley Ford

"Mark’s nuanced and transparent approach to SEO strategy is a breathe of fresh air. I am tired of reading recycled SEO advice articles providing “tips” and “tricks” on how to “beat the system” that ultimately only muddy and confuse the matter. Mark provides an invaluable, real-world, outside the box, practical and proven approach to SEO Management. A generous, intelligent and passionate speaker, listening to Mark discuss best SEO practices at WixCon clarified and will forever change how I will implement SEO strategy for my clients on the Wix platform - on any platform!"

Ashley Ford



Omi Sido

"Mark Preston is a responsible person with lots of ideas, and has a good sense of current SEO trends! Mark does an outstanding job in presenting information packed seminars on the value of SEO. His presentation skills are low key, easy to understand and enjoyable. The presentation a business gets includes a wealth of information and suggestions. What special about Mark is that he works very closely with his customers to help their very specific needs. The information that you learn can produce an income flow that may last you a lifetime! Whether you are looking to learn the ins and outs of SEO yourself or learn enough to hire the best company for your business, I highly recommend Mark Preston."

Omi Sido

Senior Technical SEO

Canon Europe

Lisa Erickson

"Mark’s SEO talk at WixCon was a highlight for me. Honestly, the SEO talks I’ve watched in the past have either overwhelmed me with details or left me feeling kind of slimy from a used-car-salesmen-esque pushy based approach. Mark's descriptions and visuals were clear, easy to understand, and sometimes even funny. I appreciated his enthusiastic organic, authentic, practical approach - no dirty quick tips here! After Mark’s speech I was left with more confidence, curiosity, and an understanding that I have much more to learn. Mark helped me rethink my relationship to SEO and made it not as scary - I will definitely reach out to him for future questions."

Lisa Erickson

Creative Director

Lisa Erickson Design

Nayeli Gomez

"Phenomenally valuable and educational information presented in a way that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. Most especially because Mark speaks to us in simple and easy to understand language that helps break down the material to allow our brains to easily digest and remember the information. Mark is simply amazing all around!"

Nayeli Gomez


The Code Queen

Mark Preston SEO Speaker


Now that you have read and heard what others think of me, I want to go even further and show you solid proof that my 20 years experience in the industry does come in handy.

Although I have ranked over one hundred Wix built websites and even outranking major brand names, I just want to show you a handful so you can see for yourself.

SEO Speaker Ranking

Ranked No.1 in the UK for the term 'SEO Speaker'. Considering the competition are the world's top SEO professionals, this is some great achievement.

Qualls law Firm

Ranked No.2 on Google Maps for the term 'Estate Planning Attorney Pleasanton'. They also rank on the first page organically for the same term.

35% increase in online exposure.

Estate Planning Attorney Pleasanton Ranking

Ranked No.1 on Google for the term 'Wix Misconceptions'. I've also secured the No.2 spot for their YouTube video as well.


SEO Consultation


Then all you have to do is get in touch and we can start a conversation.


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