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WIX SEO WIZ: What you need to know!

If you want to ensure that your Wix website achieves a higher Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking, the Wix SEO Wiz tool is being billed by the company as a way to boost it. Traditionally, Wix sites have not ranked as high as some other websites when it comes to Google results. SEO Wiz focuses on optimising your site's SEO to ensure that Google and other search engines can find your site more easily and rank it more highly. So, how can this new plan help to improve your online presence and ensure that your website is more visible in search engines?


What is the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Ensuring that you maximise the SEO potential of your website makes it more visible to search engines and anyone who performs a Google search. Essentially, search engines use an algorithm to sort search results. Search engines crawl your site looking for keywords, content, backlinks and other elements that demonstrate your site is high quality.

When you boost your site's SEO, you are likely to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERP). Consequently, your site is likely to achieve more traffic. It is essential to rank as high as possible because a significantly higher number of people click on the first result compared to lower-ranked results. As a result, your site will get more visitors and has the potential to ultimately generate more business.

What is Wix SEO Wiz?

Wix SEO Wiz is a guided tool aimed at identifying the weak points in your site's SEO with the objective of eliminating weaknesses and using SEO techniques to make it easier for search engines to find and promote your website. In essence, it improves the SEO of your website, allowing it to be effectively crawled and indexed by search engines like Google.

Using guided, simple tutorials, SEO Wiz is intended to improve the SEO of your website. It provides achievement updates so that you can keep track of your SEO-related success. It also gives you access to videos and tutorials to help improve your awareness, knowledge and aptitude when it comes to boosting SEO.

Who can access Wix SEO Wiz?

Site owners (i.e, the creator of the site) and admin contributors are able to access Wix SEO Wiz. Currently, back-office managers are unable to use it. When you use the tool, as the owner or the admin, it is important to complete every step in order to finish it and benefit from its features.


How can it help with SEO?

SEO Wiz focuses on ensuring that your website's SEO is optimal. For example, it helps you to write title tags and descriptions that are SEO-friendly. Wiz allows you to input keywords that it uses to come up with an optimised site plan. It also focuses on other features of your site that can be optimised for search engines such as your image alt text.

What's more, Wiz analyses your site in order to boost SEO. However, it will not be able to analyse any pages that are hidden from the site's menu or hidden from search engines so it is important to unhide these pages before you get started if you want a comprehensive overview.

Ultimately, you will have a plan that you can work from to ensure that your SEO is boosted and you may be able to improve your SERP ranking, attract higher levels of website traffic and boost your business.

What is the significance of keywords?

Keywords and key phrases are the words and sentences that people input into a Google search when they are looking for products or services that they want or need. Including SEO optimised keywords into your website pages makes it more likely that your site will show up in a Google search when someone puts those specific keywords into Google.

With SEO Wiz, you can automatically add up to 5 keywords that describe your business or the services that you offer. SEO Wiz then utilises these keywords to create a plan for your website. The keywords will appear in the site's content rather than its source code. Wix encourages users to research relevant keywords in order to get the most out of this process. Keywords should be specifically targeted to allow internet users to find your site and therefore it is imperative that they are as relevant as possible to your products or services.

However, it is also important to remember that keywords are only a single element of the makeup of SEO. There is a myriad of other factors that can influence SEO, including relevant and high-authority backlinks, the age of your site and the searcher's locality. Therefore, it can also boost your SEO to take a holistic approach to SEO rather than focus on keywords alone.

High-quality content

Once you have completed SEO Wiz, you will have an SEO plan that will help you to focus on the areas of your site that may contain SEO-related weaknesses. One important area to focus on is your site's content. Creating high-quality content is one of the best ways to improve SEO. Updating your website with fresh content, such as blogs or articles, on a regular basis is extremely important. It allows your target demographic to find your site more easily and keeps them coming back if they enjoy your content.

Why are backlinks important?

Another recommendation by SEO Wiz is maximising the potential that backlinks can offer to your site. Relevant, diverse and trusted backlinks can be profoundly instrumental in boosting your SEO and generating increased traffic. There are many strategies for gaining backlinks that you can easily incorporate into your site.

What is the bottom line?

Essentially, Wix SEO Wiz can give you the tools, knowledge and awareness of how to boost your SEO, providing a step-by-step plan to improve it as much as possible. However, it may take time and patience before you start to see tangible results like increased traffic to your website. However, if you employ all the strategies that are an integral part of SEO Wiz, you give your website the best chance to rank more highly on SERP results.

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