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I have spent many, many, many hours putting this '7 Steps to understanding the basics of Wix SEO' course together and structuring it in such a way that really 'learn' and not just read.

It is fantastic to know that you received great value.

Please could you write me a great testimonial about this Wix SEO Course and email it to me at I'll add a link back to your website as a thank you!

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If you are feeling brave enough to film a video testimonial, I will add it as a featured review. Don't worry. It does not have to be anything professionals. In fact, just film it on your phone in landscape view as it will feel a lot more authentic.


Now you have an understanding of what it takes to get your website ranking on the first page of Google, do you want to now learn all the advanced Wix SEO features and techniques?


You have the opportunity to receive personal 1-2-1 training from the WiX SEO Guy (Mark A Preston) in a series of advanced Wix SEO training sessions.

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