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ADVANCED WIX SEO TRAINING - 100% tailored to you!

Have you got a basic understanding of Wix SEO? Have you completed my Wix SEO Course?


If so, take your knowledge to the next level with my advanced Wix SEO training.


Live 1-2-1 online training sessions with you and the Wix SEO Guy. Mark will teach you the advanced Wix SEO techniques that you 'want' to learn and 'need' to know in order to get your business to where you need it to be.


100% actionable learning!


Unlike my course, the advanced Wix SEO training is totally hands-on. We will initially discuss all your SEO pain-points then get stuck straight into the learning process where Mark will walk you through the various advanced techniques live on and off your website.


By the end of our training sessions, you won't just be armed with the advanced Wix SEO knowledge, but you will have implemented that knowledge with Mark guiding you through the process, ensuring everything has been implemented perfectly.


You could say that it is training and consultancy all rolled into one.

Official Wix SEO Expert


As mentioned above, our advanced Wix SEO training will be 100% tailored to you. Below are some of the advanced Wix SEO training modules that you could learn if they are detrimental to enabling you to achieving your online business goals.

  • Wix Speed Optimization

  • Migrating a Site to Wix

  • Wix Robots.txt File Editor

  • Wix SEO Patterns Tool

  • Log Files

  • Technical SEO Auditing

  • Crawl Error Fixing

  • PDF Optimization

  • Knowing Your Customers

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google Analytics & Goal Tracking

  • Google Search Console

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

  • Copywriting That Converts

  • Advanced Link Building Techniques

  • SEO Strategy Plan Creation

  • Competitor Research

  • Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Blogging For Success

  • Increasing Brand Awareness

  • Digital PR




This is not just a standard advanced Wix SEO training course. You are paying for the opportunity to take advantage of my 20+ years worth of SEO knowledge and experience.


I know exactly what works and what doesn't, as I have tried and tested every SEO technique known to man over the past two decades, and I've also helped some global brands to succeed online.


I am giving you the opportunity to pay for my time so I can transfer my advanced Wix SEO knowledge onto you.


It's just me and you in a virtual room where you can ask me any SEO related question you like, as well as learning all the advanced techniques along the way.


What will I learn?


You will learn what you want to learn and need to know in order to not only get your website ranking high, but also ensuring those top rankings turn into new customers for you.


How long will it take me to learn all the advanced Wix SEO training modules?


I do not believe in charging people to learn things that is not going to generate any impact towards their business. During our first 1-2-1 online training session, we will discuss your goals and objectives and map out an agreed on-going advanced training roadmap.


How many hours will it take me to learn everything Wix SEO related?


I have been in the SEO industry since 2001 and I'm still learning every day. There is no end to what you can learn, but the important thing is that you arm yourself with the knowledge that will benefit you as an individual and benefit your business.


How long is each online training session?


In order to avoid information overload, I suggest that each training session will be between one to three hours. After each session, you will be left with a to-do list which you need to action before our next scheduled session, giving you accountability.

Can I skip your Wix SEO course if I believe I already understand all the basics of Wix SEO?

If you believe that you are already at a stage where you can jump straight into learning the advanced Wix SEO features and techniques, you are welcome to skip my course and go straight into our 1-2-1 training sessions.

Can my team also join our live training sessions?

Yes. As long as your team work alongside you in the same business so we all have one common goal, a maximum of five people can join our live training sessions at no extra cost.

What platform do you host your live video training sessions through?

All our live virtual training sessions are hosted through Zoom. Once we agree a training roadmap, you will receive a series of notifications with unique Zoom links for our sessions.




There are no commitments with my advanced 1-2-1 training. You are free to pay-as-you-go, hour after hour, at a set price of just £150 GBP per hour, or pre-pay a bulk of 10 hours at a reduced cost of just £100 per hour.

NOTE: For bulk purchases, the hours will be split over multiple days to avoid information overload.


Get in touch to move your Wix SEO knowledge to an advanced level.

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