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Here at WiX SEO Guy, we like to keep things HST...

> Honest - We will always have honest conversations based on reality.

> Simple - We will always keep things simple to understand.

> Transparent - We will always keep you up to date on the progress.

With this in mind, we provide just one single Wix SEO Service to all our clients regardless of if you are a small local business, a National based service business, an eCommerce business, or even a Global brand.

The one single service we offer is...

>>> Business SEO Growth Service <<<

That's right. We will work with you to help grow your business (increase the number of enquiries you receive, or increase sales if you are a product based business) by implementing an SEO Driven Content strategy related to your individual business.



As stated above, we are 100% transparent with everything we do. As such, below is an outline of exactly what we will be doing to help you achieve your business growth through a structured SEO driven content strategy, taking the unknown and guesswork out of things.

1. Getting to know your business

This is an informal chat (up to one-hour) over Zoom to...


> ask you a few questions about your business.

> to understand any business goals or objectives you have.

> to hear about 'your' business story.

> to fully understand any challenges you are facing.

> to understand your internal capacity limits.

2. Ensuring your foundations are solid

There is no point in building a house directly onto damp soil. You first need to lay the foundations and ensure the concrete is set solid. With this in mind, we will...

> perform a technical SEO audit on your website and fix any issues.

> research what your customers are searching to find the services or products that you provide.

> tweaking a few things on each page (mainly the things that you can't see) to ensure they perform better.

> linking related pages together within your website.

> setting up Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Search Console (if not already setup).

> fixing any crawl errors reported within Google Search Console.

> working with you to improve the quality of the content on each of your pages (if required).

> helping to convert more of your existing website visitors into new business.

3. Showing your experience and expertise by writing about the things your potential customers want and need to know

Fact: The more things you write about on your website related to your specific industry, the more sub-topics your website is going to get found for which increases the number of people arriving onto your website, which has a direct positive impact in the growing number of leads or sales you generate. Here is what we do to make that happen...

> perform industry and audience research to find what really matters.

> create a master spreadsheet of new article ideas specifically relating to your industry and target location(s) based on our industry and audience research. Each article idea will include a blog title, three sub-headings and any related keywords or phrases relating to each. Depending on the size of your market will depend on how many blog topic ideas we create for you.

> we will send the full list to you, so you can highlight the importance of certain articles and also delete any that are totally irrelevant (as you know your business better than we do).

> our writers will get to work researching each individual topic of each article and write the article ensuring it has great call-to-actions linking readers to the related service or product pages. The number of articles we write each month will be dependent on your monthly investment level.

> once approved by yourself, each article will be published on your website within your Wix blog section ensuring that it is structured correctly.

> we will link related articles together building a growing topic hub.

4. Building your authority and trust by increasing your brand awareness

Google will trust you when your customers and other people thrust you first. With this in mind, it is important to get people talking about your brand and business online, and even linking to various pages on your website. To help build up your authority and trust, we will...

> ensure your Google Business Profile includes everything needed and is saying the right things about your brand.

> getting your business listed on all the main trusted directories and driving apps.

> getting established and trusted bloggers who write about topics related to your business, to mention and link to a related page on your website.

> if you have a great story to tell, we can help to get you mentioned in the press using Digital PR.

> we will give you proven strategies on how you can get your happy customers to leave you a glowing review.

5. Analyse, measure, refine and report

Each month we will go through your website analytics to measure what is performing well, what needs a little boost, and refine what we do for the following month. This may include...

> putting more of a focus on a certain sub-topic with what articles we write.

> jump onto overnight topic trends related to your industry.

> give Google a gentle nudge to index newly published articles.

> find out why certain articles are performing better than others.

> understand what it is that is driving your leads and sales, so we can put more of a focus in those areas.

> keeping you up to date each month on the progress of your business SEO growth.



After reading through our 5 step business SEO growth plan above, you might just be thinking...

WOW! That looks expensive.

We did say that we are totally honest, so here is the shocking truth...

Business SEO growth will happen no matter what amount you are able to invest each month. It's just that your business growth through our SEO driven content strategy will be a lot higher and faster the more your business is able to comfortably invest each month.


Even at just £/$500 per month, you are still going to grow your business. Yes, the growth will be slower, but you will still grow.

We have clients who pay us £/$500 per month, and we have clients who pay us up to £/$10,000 per month. They all receive exactly what is stated above. The key difference is the amount of work we are able to do each month.

Your individual monthly investment directly impacts the 'level' and 'speed' (scale) of your new business growth.

With this in mind...

You simply let us know how much per month you are happy to invest into growing your business through our SEO driven content strategy (as stated above), and we will help you to grow at that pace.

As this is a month-to-month service, you can always increase your monthly budget in-line with your new business growth.


Wix SEO Service Business Growth


1. How much do I really need to invest each month?

The honest answer is, as much as your business can afford to invest in your business SEO growth marketing (lead generationeach month without putting yourself under massive financial pressure. Success does not happen overnight, so your monthly investment level can grow in-line with your business SEO growth success.

2. How many leads (or sales if an eCommerce site) will my business generate each month?

In the spirit of being honest, that is something nobody can truthfully answer as there are factors outside our control. Things change, new trends happen, old trends die, audience behaviour changes, Google change the way they display information, one single thing can spark a large influx of leads. This is why we are constantly analysing what is happening, measuring the impact, and refining what we are doing to streamline your business SEO growth potential which increases the number of leads your business generates.


3. Can you get our business website ranking at the top of Google for a specific set of keywords?

Are we able to? Yes. Will we? Probably, yes. However, that is not our focus at WiX SEO Guy. Whilst your competition is still working with their SEO agencies to focus on specific keyword rankings, our focus for your business is on ‘Business SEO Growth’ and that only happens by focusing our efforts on ‘topic intent’ instead of ‘keyword rankings’ as the impact to your business is far greater.
You see, Google is a lot more sophisticated now, especially with the influx of AI technology, and match what people search directly with the topic intent of your pages. As an example of the impact difference…

We produced a blog article for one of our clients. The main keyword of that article gets searched just 200 times a month. Instead of optimising that page for that specific main keyword, we wrote and optimised it for the specific ‘topic intent’ and as a result, that individual article/page is now ranking in the top 10 of Google for a total of 268 related keywords and generates an average of 3.300+ visitors per month who read that single article, which helps to generate that business a constant flow of leads each month.

Now, this is the true impact of an SEO content driven strategy for your business.

4. Do we have to commit to a minimum term?

Not at all. Our Business SEO Growth Service is a month-to-month service. You do however need to be mindful that growth is a journey which happens over time. The longer you work with us, the higher your business SEO growth will become.

5. How do you keep us updated on progress?

As mentioned above, we are totally transparent. As such, you will receive access to our online project management system where everything we do is tracked and all communication is contained so we both have a record of all communication to avoid any miscommunication issues. As part of your service, the actual person who is responsible for implementing and managing the work on your business will be the person who will have a 1-2-1 update call with you once a month to discuss progress, new opportunities and any potential issues.



Please keep an eye on your emails, as we will be in touch to arrange a date and time for our Zoom call.

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