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WIX SEO PRICING: How much does it cost?

SEO is an integral part of promoting your website and ensuring that you achieve higher levels of traffic and ultimately more customers. By ensuring that you boost your SEO, you can target the demographic that you want.

Of course, your needs for an SEO website may differ depending on whether your site is for personal use or business and eCommerce use, so it is important to carefully plan your SEO to maximise its potential. In this article, we will explore Wix SEO pricing and how much it may cost your business to maximise your SEO on your Wix website.

Should all businesses budget for SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is an important strategy if you want to promote your website. Statistics show that many small businesses do not budget for SEO or only spend small amounts of money on it. This could be because they are underestimating its importance. However, it is important to remember that with SEO, you tend to get out of it what you put into it. By spending only a little money on SEO or no money at all, it can be almost impossible to achieve satisfactory results

Is cheap SEO worth it?

Not only does cheap SEO generally reap very few rewards, it can actually be detrimental to your site and consequently to your business. It can actively shrink the exposure that your site receives and even wipe it from search engine rankings pages if it incurs a penalty from Google. Therefore, the better option is always to choose higher-quality Wix SEO Services.

How can I maximise SEO potential on my Wix site?

SEO can be maximised in a variety of ways on Wix. Firstly, ensure that you always produce and post fresh, unique and high-quality content. If you do not already have a blog set up on your website, now is a great time to start one. This is because a blog is a perfect medium for optimising your SEO strategies.

Keywords are also extremely important for SEO. Targeted short-tail and long-tail keywords can allow both human users and the Google algorithm to find your site. However, do not stuff your content with keywords as this can also put off human readers when they visit your site. Backlinks are an integral part of SEO too. Finding high authority, diverse and relevant backlinks can be excellent for ensuring that your SEO works.

How can I know at what level to set my budget?

Setting your budget will depend on many factors. Firstly, your industry will be instrumental in the budget that you need to set aside for SEO. If you are a smaller business or SME, you may have less available financial resources and this can also determine your available spend. Your target geographical area will also influence your SEO spend. If you are only targeting consumers in the local area, then it makes sense to spend less than if you want to attract custom on a national or international level.

Lastly, you should take a look at your level of competition concerning your target market and decide how much of a boost you need to get an edge and outperform your competitors. If you have a large volume of competitors offering similar services, then you may need to spend more to get that essential extra boost.

How much should I expect to spend per month for Wix SEO?

Again, this will vary but once you have looked at your market, target demographic and volume of similar competition, this can give you an idea of how much you may need to spend. As a guide, many smaller and local businesses will spend in the region of £350 per month. For larger businesses, it can be significantly higher.

It is important to remember that doing SEO on Wix does not differ from doing it on other platforms. You will not have a set price and SEO on Wix sites is no more expensive than on any other sites. You can achieve high levels of SEO on Wix and rank highly on search engine ranking pages with effective SEO strategies and techniques.

What are my options for Wix SEO?

In terms of cost, there are several levels of option for SEO on Wix. Of course, you can perform the SEO yourself for free which can be a viable option if you are already experienced in SEO. You can choose to use cheap SEO, but as mentioned earlier this may not deliver good results and can even cause problems for your site.

Alternatively, you can choose to use higher-end SEO. While this is a more expensive option, it can offer better rewards in the long term and allow you to garner substantially more benefits from the achievements of your SEO. For example, with better SEO you are likely to rankly more highly on search engine results pages. This can bring higher levels of traffic. With a reasonable conversion rate, this can ultimately secure you more new customers and simultaneously boost your brand recognition.

All in all, your Wix site can be more fruitful for your business if you adopt a good SEO strategy and pay for it. This is the same for all sites, including those that are hosted on Wix.

How do SEO agencies charge for SEO?

Different agencies will charge in different ways. Some will charge hourly or accept a monthly retainer. Others will issue a charge per project. When you use an SEO agency to help you do SEO on a Wix website, this is no different than if they were helping you on another platform. The charges are generally the same.

Does Wix SEO pricing account for maximising a website's SEO?

Maximising your SEO potential on Wix is no different than doing SEO on any other platform. Ultimately, there is no set price and it all depends on your industry, your target geographical area and your competition level. Using the right tools and techniques, you can perform SEO on any level of Wix website in the same way that you can on other sites. In the end, good SEO will ensure that your site ranks highly with both humans and search engines.

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