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WIX SEO VS WORDPRESS SEO: The pros and cons of each CMS

If you’re looking to build a website or create a portfolio, the many options available to do this can be confusing. How do you narrow down what will work for you, and which website builder contains the features you need? Choosing the right web builder is especially important if you are looking to advertise your SEO portfolio. Your portfolio is what any potential client will see first, so first impressions absolutely do count. You need a web tool that will let you create a visually stunning site that will showcase your work and pull in new clients. So, which is best in the battle of Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO?

Wix and WordPress are two of the best web building tools out there, especially if you need them for SEO. We have reviewed both sites, as we’re always looking for the best platforms to produce and display SEO on. If you write SEO and are unsure of which site to use, then we hope this helps you decide.


Wix is a relatively new tool compared to WordPress, but is becoming extremely popular and is now a serious contender to WordPress. It markets itself on ease of use and in house hosting. What are the pros and cons of Wix compared to WordPress?


Full support available

One of the downsides to WordPress is that if you are stuck with something, there is no help available. You can ask on online forums, but sometimes this isn’t enough and you need guidance from someone in the know. Wix has full user support available, which means that no matter how good your web design skills are, there will always be someone there to help, so you can spend your time writing SEO, not building a website.


Easy to use

One of the main complaints about WordPress is that it is difficult to use, and you must know a little coding to make it look good. Not everyone is great at coding though, and this shouldn’t stop you from having a great site. With Wix, you can quickly design a professional-looking site with no knowledge of coding. Wix does not have as many features as WordPress, but the ones that are available will let you get exactly what you need to get your SEO up and running quickly.


Fewer templates available

Wix has around 300 templates available to use. WordPress has an almost unlimited number of templates, and if you can code, you can design your own. For flexibility, WordPress is better, but if you are looking to set up a professional-looking SEO site with little effort, Wix’s offering of 300 design templates should suffice.

Not as many plugins

Wix has around 250 apps you can add on, but WordPress has a far larger selection. Some of the apps offered by WordPress have features already built into the Wix platform, so it is a case of balancing up what your website is for and how many additional extensions and plugins you need. For a simple SEO site, Wix has enough to be getting on with, but for a more complex website, WordPress may be better.


WordPress has been around for a while now and is a popular tool for bloggers, writers and anyone else who wants a clear, easy to read site. It is known for its countless add-ons and the richness of its features, albeit through third-party developers and sites. Read on for some pros and cons about WordPress, and how it measures up compared to Wix.


Allows you to build bigger websites

WordPress allows you to build more complex websites than Wix. This does require knowledge of coding, so if you are unsure and want something simple, go for Wix, but if you want a more complex website with richer features, then WordPress is the right tool for you.

Good for SEO

WordPress is good for SEO, as the plugins available offer more features overall than Wix. However, if you are looking for a similar site for SEO, Wix has many inbuilt features that you can only access through add-ons in WordPress. Overall, WordPress is better for a more complex site and for those who want better SEO features, but they are not as easy to set up through WordPress.


Can be complex

Although WordPress offers more scope for design and more complex websites, it can be difficult to use if you have no knowledge of coding. Even with basic knowledge, it can be hard to get your WordPress site to look exactly how you want it to. Wix allows the user to set up a professional-looking SEO site with little effort and no knowledge of coding required.

Must find your own host

With WordPress, you must pay a fee every month to a third party site that hosts your website, as WordPress doesn’t offer this itself. Wix also charges but gives you a range of packages, and hosting takes place on the Wix servers. It is entirely up to you if you prefer easy hosting that comes with your package or a wider choice of hosting sites with WordPress, but if you are just looking for an SEO site, it might be better to pay for the site and hosting at the same time.

Our verdict on Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO

Wix and WordPress are both great website builders, especially if you specialise in SEO. They allow the user to present information in a clear manner and display their portfolio. Overall, we definitely prefer Wix. While WordPress is great for large, complicated websites, if you want to build a portfolio quickly and simply, with plenty of support in place to help you, Wix is best.

Wix offers in-house hosting compared to having to pay a third party site. If you have a large website and want to look at competitive options, then this may be for you, but if you only need an SEO site, then Wix is easiest and offers a range of packages. As keen writers of SEO ourselves, we say go for Wix, as it has everything you need and all the support available straight away.

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