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How much can I charge for Wix SEO services?

If you’re a search engine optimisation professional, it’s likely that you’ve got just one question on your lips: how much can you charge for your services? The answer is likely to vary depending on a number of factors – including where you are based, how experienced you are, and how you’re marketing your services. This blog post will help you understand what the Wix SEO set-up and management markets look like – and give you some pointers on how to go about setting a rate of pay that matches your needs.

How much can I charge for Wix SEO services

What is Wix, and how do its SEO tools work?

Wix is one of the most popular website builders out there. It’s a commonly used service that allows non-coders and beginner website designers to create beautiful sites without having advanced SEO technical knowledge. It comes with more than 500 templates, each of which can be customised to the user’s preferences.

It’s possible to ensure that Wix sites rank in Google in a number of ways. Typical search engine optimisation techniques, such as writing website content based on long-tail keywords and intent, can be done. And there are also a number of built-in SEO tools as well which come integrated into each site as standard. Below are a list of SEO functions built-in to the Wix SEO tool suite:

Wix challenges

Sadly, there’s something of a misapprehension out there when it comes to the way that Wix and Google interact. It’s a common myth that Wix sites don’t rank in Google. Some people appear to believe that the drag and drop nature of Wix is somehow penalised by Google’s algorithms. But as anyone who has had years of experience in Wix SEO can demonstrate, this isn’t true. It’s in fact the case that Wix sites can rank like those that are coded from scratch, as long as you have the right SEO strategy plan.

If you’re looking to start a Wix SEO business, you may find that this misapprehension is something of a barrier to your success. After all, if potential clients believe that they can’t get their Wix site to rank in Google, why would they hire someone to do this for them?

That’s why it's so important for you to ensure that you’re educated in the what, why and how of Wix SEO techniques so that you can demonstrate to your clients that you really will add value by helping them rise the ranks of Google.

Factors influencing your pay

Just as is the case with other professions (and, indeed, with other sub-professions of the SEO sector), your pay as a Wix SEO expert can vary wildly based on a number of factors. One factor which might influence your pay is experience. The more successful examples of Wix SEO transformation that you can point to (and with up to date testimonials behind you to back it up), the higher a rate you’re likely to secure.

It also depends on where you’re advertising. If you’ve got your own smart-looking website or the infrastructure of a small SEO agency behind you, you may be able to command higher fees. If you’re using an online marketplace service like Fiverr to advertise your services, it could be that you’ll need to start relatively low and work up the ladder. In both cases, however, you’ll need to factor in your costs. Online marketplace sites often charge commissions for the right to be on the service, while if you’re dealing with high demand you may need to contract out some of the work – meaning that you’ll have to factor in the fees you’ll need to pay to staff.

Personally, I have always charged based on the 'value' I provide. I do not charge based on time, nor do I sell set SEO packages. This way both myself as a Wix SEO expert and my clients are happy. How do you determine your value? Find out what your clients average customer is worth to them and work out how many new customers they need to secure through your SEO efforts for your SEO campaign to provide a great return. A decent ROI (Return On Investment) from SEO is between 5 to 10 times the investment level.

The going rate?

It’s hard to identify a particular single figure in this regard. However, our research has shown that some small-scale and localised firms tend to spend around £350 each month on search engine optimisation, which gives you some indication of what you might be able to charge per client. As mentioned above, however, this can vary significantly depending on what your skills and experience look like.

If you’re planning to sell your Wix SEO services on an online marketplace, you may want to check out what prices your competitors are offering by using the search function on the site in question. If you’re a more experienced provider, you might find it difficult to do this kind of market research as higher-level providers and companies often don’t advertise the prices of their services upfront.

Don't think of yourself as a Wix SEO specialist but rather a SEO specialist. Wix is just a platform. The SEO techniques required to rank a Wix website are no different than those of any other platform. Here are what the wider SEO industry are charging for SEO services within the USA:

  • The average mid-level SEO consultant in the US gets paid a salary of $50K to $70K per year.

  • The average SEO agency in the US charges $100 USD to $250 USD per hour.

  • The average business in the US pays $2,500 USD to $10,000 USD per month for SEO services.

  • The average SEO agency in the US charges an SEO setup fee of around $3,000 USD.

If you base your rate on the value you provide, you can quite easily earn these sort of rates.

Upskilling is key

On that note, it’s worth concluding with a key point: if you’re looking to charge big money for Wix search engine optimisation services, it’s vital to be sure that you’re providing your clients with the sort of service that they will demand and expect. For that, you need to have a solid skills basis.

Sometimes, this can be accrued through experience. The more Wix sites you optimise for SEO, the more insights and techniques you will pick up – and the better you will get at applying them. But for someone who is relatively new to the scene and has the enthusiasm to learn and do a good job, a “queue jump” of some kind is often required. Upskilling is your friend here. By going on courses such as our very own Wix SEO Course and reading up on how WiX SEO works, you’ll be able to crank up your skills base quickly and start offering it to clients. The more you know, the more you can – in the long run – charge.

Wix White Label SEO

Finally, another option is to investigate white labelling. Under this model, Wix SEO experts can do the hard work for you, while your agency, large or small, gets the credit. This sort of team work could be an attractive option for those who have skills in client care but who are looking to outsource the technical expertise – and it can allow you to develop a payment structure that works for you and is time-efficient in terms of revenue.

If you want to find out more about how Wix and SEO strategy works together, WiX SEO Guy can help. We’ve got courses, white label products and more, all designed to help you get your Wix SEO business off the ground.



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