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WIX SEO MYTHS: The truth, not fiction!

Wix SEO Myths

For some time there have been prevalent rumours about Wix SEO, such as Wix URLs failing to rank on Google searches. SEO is extremely important for websites as it is the best way to ensure that you rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). This allows your website to attract increased traffic which can convert into more sales of your products or services.

As with any myths or urban legends, rumours surrounding Wix SEO have seeped into popular internet culture, making many believe that these myths about Wix SEO are actually fact. However, the majority of these myths are either outdated or never existed at all. It is finally time to debunk these Wix SEO myths and set the record straight.

In this article, you will learn the real truth about Wix SEO.

47 Wix SEO Myths - Putting the record straight!

  1. Wix isn't good for SEO: This is simply not true. Wix has developed a variety of tools and features to aid SEO efforts, such as customizable meta tags, image alt text, and automatic XML sitemap generation.

  2. Wix is only for beginners: Wix is user-friendly, yes, but that doesn't limit it to beginners. It can also meet the advanced SEO needs of professionals with features like canonical URLs, 301 redirects, and robots.txt editing.

  3. Wix's loading speed is too slow for SEO: Wix has made numerous updates to improve site speed. The platform now uses advanced technologies to optimize loading times, benefiting both user experience and SEO.

  4. Wix doesn't allow custom URLs: Contrary to this myth, Wix actually does let you create custom URLs for each page of your website, helping you to target specific keywords.

  5. You can't edit metadata on Wix: You can indeed edit meta titles and descriptions on Wix. This is crucial for SEO because it allows you to use relevant keywords in these areas.

  6. Wix websites are not mobile-friendly: All Wix sites are mobile-friendly out of the box. Since mobile-friendliness is a significant factor in Google's ranking algorithm, this is vital for SEO.

  7. You can't use alt tags on Wix: Wix does allow you to add alt text to images, which is a best practice for SEO as it helps search engines understand what your images are about.

  8. Wix doesn't support schema markup: Wix does support schema markup, which helps search engines better understand the content of your site, potentially leading to improved rankings.

  9. Wix isn't good for local SEO: This is another false assumption. Wix provides a suite of local SEO tools, including the ability to add Google Maps and manage your business listings.

  10. You can't do 301 redirects on Wix: This is outdated information. Wix does allow you to set up 301 redirects, essential for maintaining SEO when redesigning or renaming a page.

  11. Wix is bad for blogging: This is false. Wix has an excellent blogging platform with SEO-friendly features, such as categorisation, tagging, and the ability to add meta data to each post.

  12. Wix uses iFrames, which are bad for SEO: Wix stopped using iFrames years ago because of their negative impact on SEO. Today, it uses AJAX instead, which is more SEO-friendly.

  13. Wix doesn't support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): This is a myth. Wix supports AMP on blog posts, making your content load faster on mobile devices and potentially improving your ranking.

  14. Wix doesn't allow for SEO monitoring: Wix has integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, both essential tools for monitoring your SEO efforts.

  15. Wix is not good for e-commerce SEO: Wix provides excellent e-commerce SEO tools, such as product meta descriptions, custom URLs for product pages, and schema markup for products.

  16. Wix does not support HTTPS: Wix provides free SSL certificates for all of its websites, making your site secure (HTTPS) which is a ranking factor in Google's algorithm.

  17. Wix doesn't provide SEO support: Wix offers a tool called SEO Wiz that provides step-by-step guidance on how to optimise your site for SEO.

  18. You can't export your Wix site: While it's true that you can't export a Wix site in the same way as WordPress, you can still move your website content manually, and set up 301 redirects to maintain SEO value.

  19. Wix's JavaScript negatively impacts SEO: In the past, Google had issues with crawling and indexing JavaScript. However, its bots have since improved, and Wix has optimised its use of JavaScript for SEO.

  20. Wix doesn't allow for customisation of robot.txt files: While this was true at one point, Wix now allows for customisation of robot.txt files, enabling you to control how search engines crawl and index your site.

  21. Wix doesn't support international SEO: Wix does allow you to use hreflang tags, crucial for international SEO as they tell search engines which language you're using in specific areas of your site.

  22. SEO is difficult on Wix because of its drag and drop nature: The drag-and-drop functionality of Wix has no bearing on its SEO capabilities. In fact, it makes it easier for those without coding knowledge to create an SEO-friendly website.

  23. Wix is a closed system, limiting SEO: While Wix is a closed system, it does not limit your SEO efforts. The platform provides all the tools and features necessary for effective SEO.

  24. Wix isn't suitable for large-scale websites due to SEO limitations: Wix is suitable for websites of all sizes. Its SEO capabilities can accommodate the needs of both small and large-scale sites.

  25. You can't use breadcrumbs on Wix: Breadcrumbs are useful for SEO as they help search engines understand a site's structure. Wix does support breadcrumb navigation.

  26. Wix websites have poor SEO performance on Bing and Yahoo: This is a misconception. SEO strategies used on Wix are effective on all search engines, not just Google.

  27. Wix SEO Wiz doesn't do much for your SEO efforts: SEO Wiz is a helpful tool for anyone new to SEO. It provides step-by-step guidance to optimise your Wix site.

  28. You can't customise heading tags on Wix: Wix allows you to customise heading tags, a vital element for SEO as it helps search engines understand the structure and content of your pages.

  29. Wix doesn't have a sitemap: Every Wix site automatically has an XML sitemap generated, crucial for helping search engines crawl and understand your site.

  30. Wix isn't good for image SEO: Wix allows you to optimise your images for SEO by letting you add alt tags and compress images for faster loading.

  31. You can't manage your site structure on Wix: With Wix, you have control over your site structure, which is vital for SEO as it helps search engines understand the context and relationship between different pages.

  32. Wix doesn't offer structured data: Contrary to this myth, Wix does offer structured data (or schema markup), helping search engines better understand the content of your pages.

  33. You can't control page visibility on Wix: Wix lets you control which pages appear in search results, giving you more control over your SEO strategy.

  34. Wix isn't suitable for complex SEO strategies: Wix has all the essential SEO features to implement a complex SEO strategy, including 301 redirects, custom URLs, schema markup, and more.

  35. Wix's built-in SEO tools are insufficient: Wix's built-in SEO tools provide a robust foundation for your SEO strategy. However, you can also integrate additional tools, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, for more advanced monitoring.

  36. You can't change the anchor text of internal links on Wix: You can indeed change the anchor text of internal links on Wix. This is important for SEO as it helps search engines understand the content of the linked page.

  37. Wix doesn't support plugins for SEO enhancement: While Wix doesn't support plugins like WordPress, it comes with built-in SEO tools and also allows integration with other SEO tools.

  38. Wix doesn't offer proper pagination for SEO: This is false. Wix allows you to implement SEO-friendly pagination.

  39. Wix doesn't support responsive web design: All Wix websites are designed to be responsive, adjusting to fit any screen size. This is vital as mobile-friendliness is a significant ranking factor.

  40. You can't track website performance on Wix: With integration to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can track your Wix website performance effectively.

  41. Wix's SEO capabilities are less effective for service-based businesses: SEO works the same way on Wix regardless of the nature of the business. Service-based businesses can also effectively optimise their Wix sites.

  42. You can't use dynamic URLs on Wix: Wix allows the use of dynamic URLs, which can be beneficial for SEO in certain situations.

  43. Wix doesn't have an SEO community for support: There is a large community of SEO professionals and users that you can turn to for advice or tips on optimising your Wix site.

  44. Wix doesn't support lazy loading: Wix does support lazy loading, a technique that can help improve your site's loading speed, which in turn benefits SEO.

  45. You can't optimise your site speed on Wix: While Wix manages a lot of the backend processes, there are still many ways you can optimise your site speed, such as compressing images and limiting the use of large video files.

  46. Wix doesn't allow SEO for multilingual sites: Wix supports multilingual SEO, allowing you to reach a wider audience and improve your global search engine ranking.

  47. Wix websites can't rank on the first page of Google: This is a prevalent myth and completely false. With a well-optimised site, quality content, and a good SEO strategy, Wix websites can and do rank on the first page of Google.

The truth is now out about the most common Wix SEO Myths

And so, we reach the end of our horticultural journey through the verdant maze of Wix SEO myths. Our spades have delved deep into the fertile soil of misconception, rooting out the persistent weeds of outdated assumptions and ill-founded beliefs, one by one. From the myth that Wix isn't good for SEO to the fallacy that Wix websites can't make it to the first page of Google, we've seen them all and unearthed their fallacious nature.

Now, as we stand at the garden's edge, the sun sinks low, casting long shadows over our digital plot. The air resonates with the echo of shattered myths, and in their place, a new landscape of knowledge and understanding begins to take shape. Our metaphorical garden, once shadowed by misconceptions, now basks in the brilliant sunlight of clarity.

No longer will these myths stunt the growth of your enterprise. With these fallacies uprooted, your business is free to reach for the digital skies, unencumbered by misinformation. The seeds of your efforts, watered with precise SEO strategies, are ready to bloom into a vibrant spectacle of success.

Remember, the path to effective SEO is much like gardening. It demands patience, persistence, and above all, an understanding of the tools and practices at your disposal. Wix, as we've unveiled, is a robust platform, ripe with SEO-friendly features designed to enrich your digital soil and help your business grow.

And as our journey draws to a close, we leave you with this: the garden of online business growth is vast and ripe with possibilities. Let the sunlight of knowledge guide you, let the tools of Wix till your digital soil, and watch as your business transforms from a seed of potential into a towering tree of success.

In the end, as you survey your digital landscape, the results of your diligent cultivation gleaming under the digital sun, you will see that the garden of Wix is fertile, the myths are dispelled, and the path to your business's growth is clearer than ever. It's time for your business to blossom, to unfurl its leaves in the digital world, and flourish in its radiant glory.

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