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WIX SEO MYTHS: The truth, not fiction

For some time there have been prevalent rumours about Wix SEO, such as Wix URLs failing to rank on Google searches. SEO is extremely important for websites as it is the best way to ensure that you rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). This allows your website to attract increased traffic which can convert into more sales of your products or services.

As with any myths or urban legends, rumours surrounding Wix SEO have seeped into popular internet culture, making many believe that these myths about Wix SEO are actually fact. However, the majority of these myths are either outdated or never existed at all. It is finally time to debunk these Wix SEO myths and set the record straight.

In this article, you will learn the real truth about Wix SEO.

Myth #1. Wix URLs rank poorly on Google searches

The truth - Wix sites do not rank any lower than any other sites on search engine results pages (SERP). Wix provides a variety of ways to optimise your site to increase your results page ranking. You can customise your website to boost its SEO. On Wix, you can add title tags, meta descriptions, and meta tags to headers. These are an integral part of maximising SEO potential.

Furthermore, it is possible to set up canonical tags on your site to prevent issues with duplicate content. Importantly, you can add custom slugs to any URLs. What's more, with Wix SEO Wiz, you can identify any SEO issues that are affecting your website and optimise it for the future.


Myth #2. Wix is not built on the right content management system (CMS)

The truth - The Google algorithm that calculates page rankings does not discriminate between various CMS. Therefore, your website cannot be built on the "wrong" CMS. As long as your website is fully optimised for both the Google algorithm and for human views, then your CMS should not have any negative effects on your SEO.

Myth #3. Wix sites are slow to load

The truth - Closed CMS can be slower than some of the alternatives, but this is not specific to Wix. In reality, Wix has dedicated significant time and resources to ensuring that its sites load more quickly. Consequently, page loading times have decreased, ensuring that they do not negatively impact SEO. In fact, you may actually find that you can enjoy faster loading times on a website that has been created with Wix compared to other sites.

Myth #4. Wix is not optimised for mobile platforms

The truth - One factor of the Google algorithm that calculates SERP ranking is how mobile-friendly a website is. With many internet users predominantly or solely using mobile devices to access the internet, optimisation for mobile devices is extremely important.

There is a myth that Wix sites are not suitable for mobile use, but the reality is totally different. Unlike other web development services, you do not need to start out with a specific mobile template to make your Wix site suitable for mobile use. Wix designs are adaptive and highly optimised for use on mobile devices.

Myth #5. It is impossible to add structured data

The truth - Structured data is essentially coding that informs browsers what the data is about. It is sometimes known as schema markup or microformats. It can relate to any information such as the price of products or a service description. There has been a long-held myth that Wix sites do not allow the addition of structured data but it is entirely untrue. In fact, it can actually be easier to add structured data on Wix thanks to the inbuilt microformats.

Myth #6. It is not possible to optimise Wix blogs

The truth - Google does not view blogs any differently on Wix sites than it does on any other site. Therefore, as long as the content that you are creating in your blogs is high-quality, informative and entertaining content, you can optimise your blog to rank highly on Google searches. With a range of basic and advanced SEO tools available when you create your website on Wix, you have access to all the necessary functionality to optimise your blogs, articles and any other content that is provided on your website. In turn, this gives you the ability to boost your SERP ranking and your website traffic.

Myth #7. Advanced SEO is not available with Wix

The truth - There is no reason why you cannot perform advanced SEO tasks on Wix. With Velo, a full-stack web development platform that allows you to perform advanced SEO on Wix, you have the scope to create databases, fix keyword cannibalisation and load content to your title tags. These dynamic features mean that you can really give your SEO potential a boost.

Myth #8. Robots.txt files cannot be edited in Wix

The truth - Robots.txt is a utility text file that alerts search engines which pages to crawl on your site and you can absolutely edit robots.txt files in Wix. There is complete customisation available for robots.txt files. What's more, you can easily restore the default settings with a single click.


Myth #9. It is negative that Wix uses hashbang URLs

The truth - Firstly and importantly, the slug and URLs can both be customised in Wix. What's more, Wix removed hashbangs from its URLs back in 2016. The myth that they still exist seems to be a popular one but it is completely untrue.

Myth #10. Wix is not as good as other web development services

The truth - Wix is great for creating websites for small businesses, personal use and blogging. In terms of SEO, it has been constantly evolving and improving since its inception. Now, it has an array of functional and simple SEO features that often exceed those offered by competitors. Overall, its SEO capability is equal to, if not better than other web development services and its websites often achieve high SERP rankings.




Wix provides all the right tools and functions to give you the opportunity to maximise your SEO potential and ensure that your website achieves the highest possible SERP ranking. Essentially, choosing to build a Wix-based website can be extremely beneficial when you consider your ultimate goal of attracting increased website traffic.

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