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WIX SEO TOOLS: The ultimate feature list

Wix is a robust and fully-featured content management system that makes designing and publishing a website simple and straightforward for anyone, regardless of previous experience. You don't need any technical knowledge or coding experience to launch a website through Wix. But just because your website is live and available online doesn't mean it will generate any traffic. With hundreds of millions of websites competing for users' attention, standing out online isn't easy. If you want people to find your website, you need to be visible in search engines.

Wix offers a range of SEO tools that enable users to monitor their website's performance and ensure all the essential SEO components are in place for every page. Below, we have compiled a list of the key features of Wix's SEO tools. These features ensure that Wix websites are optimised for search engines and visible on results pages.

Robots.txt editor

The Robots.txt file is crucial for any website's SEO. This file tells search engine bots how to crawl and index websites. Wix automatically generates a Robot.txt file for every website, and users are free to edit it if they wish.

Structured data

Wix automatically ensures that product pages, forum/blog posts, and similar dynamic pages contain structured data so the content can appear as a rich result. Users can override the default structured data and add their own schema markup if they wish.

Server-side rendering

Wix's infrastructure is based on server-side rendering. This means that dedicated versions of every page are automatically generated and optimised for bots to crawl through, view, and extract relevant information from. As a result, search engines can easily read all the content on a Wix website.


Dynamic XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps tell search engine bots how your website is laid out. Bots use this map to crawl between pages when indexing a website. Wix automatically generates and updates sitemaps for every website, ensuring all the information contained within is accurate and up-to-date.


Canonical tags

By default, Wix will set canonical tags for you automatically. However, users can customise them as they wish to indicate the primary versions of pages during indexing.

Bulk 301 directs

The 301 status code means that a webpage has permanently moved to a new location and has a new URL. 301 redirects are used to automatically send anyone visiting the old page to the new URL. Wix's URL Redirect Manager enables you to set up 301 redirects for individual pages or groups of URLs that share the same path. You can even upload a CSV file and import up to 500 URLs in one go. Wix will alert you if the redirects aren't set up properly or create a loop.

SEO Patterns

Wix will generate SEO-friendly meta tags for every page automatically. The SEO Patterns tool enables users to modify meta tags using text or variables. You can apply the same rules to every page of a particular type without having to edit each one individually.

Custom meta tags

Wix generates SEO-friendly meta tags automatically, but you can modify them and add your own tags to ensure your pages are optimised for search engines.

Personal SEO plan

Your personal SEO plan will guide you through the steps required to implement basic SEO on your website. These steps are based on standard SEO best practices and will connect your site to Google Search Console. You can then use the console to track your site data and begin improving your visibility in search engines.

Log file

Server logs give users a better understanding of how search engines are crawling their website. The insights gained from these logs are invaluable in identifying how to optimise pages for search engines and improve your rankings most effectively.

Image optimisation

Wix can automatically optimise images for quality, SEO, and quicker downloading. Wix supports SEO-friendly image formats and converts larger images into WebP format if the users' browser supports them.

Smart caching

Smart caching automatically caches static pages, so they are loaded faster in future and provide a better user experience for visitors to your website.


Accelerated mobile pages for Wix Blog

Accelerated mobile pages enable faster loading times for blog posts on mobile devices, reducing the data load for readers.



Wix automatically generates a mobile-friendly version of your website. These mobile versions should look and function correctly on mobile devices without any input. However, you can preview mobile pages from your desktop and make any adjustments required.

SEO APIs for developers

Wix users with coding experience can use their own custom code to customise their SEO settings thanks to Wix's SEO APIs.


Google My Business Integration

Wix users can create and manage a Google Business Profile listing from the Wix dashboard. They can then connect with customers through Google Maps, manage reviews of their business, and improve their overall visibility.

Google Search Console Integration

Users can verify their domains from the Wix dashboard and submit a sitemap to the Google Search Console. Once submitted, site maps go live in around 10 minutes.

Site verification

Wix provides users with tools to verify their website, confirm their ownership, and track its performance across Pinterest, Bing, and Yandex.


Tracking events

Wix websites can send events and track visitor behaviour automatically via third-party marketing tools, such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixel.



Wix's analytics provide site owners with everything they need to know about how their users are interacting with their website. These analytics track visits, orders, conversions, and revenue all from the site dashboard.

SSL certificate validation

Every Wix site comes with an SSL certificate and utilises HTTPS to encrypt data. This brings Wix websites in line with the highest internationally recognised security standards.

SEO for multilingual sites

Wix Multilingual enables users to optimise their SEO settings for every language represented on their website. This greatly enhances visibility in local searches from non-English speaking countries.


Wix's SEO tools offer users an impressive array of features for ensuring their sites are as visible as possible in search engine results. Whether you have previous SEO experience or not, Wix makes it easy to optimise your website for search engines.

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